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decompyle is still alive

I just got a call from somebody who tried to get an ancient version of decompyle running. Some words about he status of decompyle.

Yes, decompyle, the Python byte-code decompiler, is still alive and functioning. It simply is not longer available for download and ancient versions are not able to decompile recent Python byte-code.

Still alive: My Decompyle Service

To be frank: I recommend using the my Python decompyle service at crazy-compilers.com. It's cheap, its fast, it's reliable. Don't waste your time with ancient versions, see below for reasons.

The future of decompyle

At the very moment I'm working on a complete rewrite of the decompyle-engine as the currently used spark parser got to it's limits. This will allow support for Python 2.7 and 3.x soon. The first bucket of test-patterns for 2.7 just passed an hour ago.

Ancient Versions floating around the Internet

When searching the Internet, you may find old tarball or even Subversion-Repos of decompyle at approx. version 2.3. You may get it work on your recent system, but you may need to spend quite some time, as it contains C extension modules. But I do not recommend wasting your time trying to get this run: it will not be able to decompile recent Python byte-code.

You may even find some sources saying to have a patched or enhanced or further developed version of decompyle. You may have tough luck and one of these variants may really decompile our file. But chances are very low (I do not bother trying it). From Python version to version there have been too many changes to the byte-code: Starting with simple stuff lik

  • changing the "magic number" written into each byte-code file,

  • code-optimizations which make the (old) parser fail,

  • new features like generator-expressions, decorators, conditional expression or the `with`-statement, up to

  • changed and new byte-codes.


Don't wast your time, but simply use thedecompyle service.

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