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decompyle is still alive

I just got a call from so­me­bo­dy who tried to get an an­cient ver­si­on of de­com­py­le run­ning. Some words about he sta­tus of de­com­py­le.

Yes, de­com­py­le, the Py­thon by­te­-­co­de de­com­pi­ler, is still ali­ve and func­tio­ning. It sim­p­ly is not lon­ger availa­ble for dow­n­load and an­cient ver­si­ons are not ab­le to de­com­pi­le re­cent Py­thon by­te­-­co­de.

Still alive: My Decompyle Service

To be frank: I re­com­mend using the my Py­thon de­com­py­le ser­vice at cra­zy­-­com­pi­ler­s.­com. It­'s cheap, its fast, it­'s re­li­a­ble. Don­'t was­te your time with an­cient ver­si­ons, see be­low for re­a­sons.

The future of decompyle

At the ve­ry mo­ment I'm wor­king on a com­ple­te re­wri­te of the de­com­py­le­-­en­gi­ne as the current­ly used spark par­ser got to it­'s li­mits. This will al­low sup­port for Py­thon 2.7 and 3.x soon. The first bu­cket of tes­t­-­pat­terns for 2.7 just pas­sed an hour ago.

Ancient Versions floating around the Internet

When sea­r­ching the In­ter­net, you may find old ta­r­ball or even Sub­ver­sion­-­R­epos of de­com­py­le at ap­prox. ver­si­on 2.3. You may get it work on your re­cent sys­tem, but you may need to spend qui­te some ti­me, as it con­tains C ex­ten­si­on mo­du­les. But I do not re­com­mend was­ting your time try­ing to get this run: it will not be ab­le to de­com­pi­le re­cent Py­thon by­te­-­co­de.

You may even find some sources say­ing to ha­ve a pat­ched or en­han­ced or fur­ther de­ve­lo­ped ver­si­on of de­com­py­le. You may ha­ve tough luck and one of the­se va­ri­a­nts may re­al­ly de­com­pi­le our file. But chan­ces are ve­ry low (I do not bo­ther try­ing it). From Py­thon ver­si­on to ver­si­on the­re ha­ve be­en too ma­ny chan­ges to the by­te­-­co­de: Star­ting with sim­ple stuff lik

  • chan­­ging the "ma­­gic num­­ber" writ­ten in­­to each by­­te­­-­­­co­­de fi­le,

  • co­­de­­-­­op­ti­­mi­za­ti­­ons which ma­ke the (old) pa­r­­ser fail,

  • new fea­tu­res li­ke ge­­ne­ra­tor­­-­­ex­­pres­­si­­ons, de­­cora­tor­s, con­­di­ti­o­nal ex­­pres­­si­on or the `with`­­-­­­state­­ment, up to

  • chan­­ged and new by­­te­­-­­­co­­des.


Don­'t wast your ti­me, but sim­p­ly use thede­com­py­le ser­vice.

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