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Convert SVN-Repo directly to git or hg (no dump-files needed)

Ori­go, whe­re I'm hos­ting my open­-­sour­ce soft­ware up to now, is clo­sing end of this month. So I need to mo­ve the­se pro­jects so­me­whe­re el­se. I take the chan­ce for mi­gra­ting the sub­ver­si­on re­po­si­to­ries to git. Here is how.

If you are going to convert your repo to git or mercurial, you can use Eric S. Raymonds excellent `reposurgeon` tool. The current development version can read directly form subversion repositories. It's recommended to create a local mirror first. A tool called `svnpull` for pulling the SVN repo into a local mirror is provided.

Here is an ex­am­ple of a sim­ple con­ver­si­on of a sim­ple re­po­si­to­ry:


cd /tmp
repopuller $svnrepo

reposurgeon <<EOF
read /tmp/$PROJECT-mirror
prefer git
references lift
rebuild $gitrepo
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