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A simple script for testing the internet connectivity (grandmother-proof).

net-status-monitor with verbose output

(c) Copyright 2007 by Hartmut Goebel.
Licenced under the GNU General Public License version3 (or later)


If internet-connectivity is okay, this script tells you the external IP-address (for the case you dynamic DNS provider is down).

If not, it tries to find the point where the connectivity fails.

Output is quite simple, so you can put it on your grandmother's PC. “Just tell me what the red line says“ should give you enough information.


  • simple ncurses interface
  • logs to syslog
  • drops privileges when running as root (nobody/nogroup)
  • Option --run-once to run only one circle. This is required if name resolution is not set up at the very first run. (/etc/resolv.conf ist read only when the process starts and never re-read.)

Download the current version



  • Install Requirements
  • Copy the script 'net-status-monitor' into /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin (as you like).


For running net-stautus-monitor on a Linux virutal console (console No. 6 in this example), put this into /etc/inittab:

/bin/open -w -c 6 -- /usr/local/bin/net-status-monitor -1


Texts are in German currently, but you may translate them easily. If someone will set up localization support, I'm willing to integrate it.


  • v20070908
    • added logging cababilities and --loglevel option
    • if running as root, drops privileges (Thanks to Gavin Baker)
    • addded option --run-once
  • v20070903 - initial release